[Correct installation of industrial air conditioners]
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Due to the large volume of the industrial air conditioner, the large air outlet, the large air outlet area, and the large design angle of the swing blade, the advantages of a wide air supply area are realized. The industrial air conditioner water tank and powerful cooling function can be carried out regularly according to different industrial needs, and the operation is convenient, and the industrial air conditioner can also be remotely controlled. Industrial air conditioners have a variety of functional panel materials, which have a particularly obvious cooling effect. It can achieve 360-degree cooling effect without dead angle, stylish appearance, suitable for large-scale places such as factories. The following points are the key to the correct installation of industrial air conditioners.

1. The location where the indoor unit is installed should be free of dust, oil, pollution, severe corrosion, and no heat source. It should be placed in a cool place.

2. The conditions for the installation position of the outdoor unit are the same as those of the indoor unit, and at least 1 meter of space should be left at the upper cooling air outlet.

3. The installation of indoor and outdoor units should not affect the suction and exhaust air, and there should be no obstructions. The indoor unit should be 15CM away from the wall, and the outdoor unit should be 30CM away from the wall, which is convenient for maintenance.

4. If several straight blowers are installed at the same time, they should be placed evenly.

5. The centrifuge can be placed in a place that does not affect the production and is not obstructed. Generally, the ventilation duct needs to be 2.5 meters above the ground. The air outlet needs to be on the top of the head. Hanging code.

6. Calculate the size of the machine and the size of the installation location.

7. The internal and external units should be placed close to the water and electricity, calculate the total power, and let Party A calculate the load of the main power switch.

8. When drawing a sketch, it is necessary to mark the installation location of the machine, the length of the standard air duct, and the bend.

9. In the installation position of the industrial air conditioner, it is necessary to ensure that the rack structure can fully support the weight of the main body of the entire industrial air conditioner, the air supply duct of the machine port and the maintenance personnel.

10. When installing, pay attention to the sealing and waterproofing of indoor and outdoor pipes to avoid unnecessary consequences caused by rainwater leakage.

11. If you choose to install it indoors, the air supply duct must match the air conditioner and model, and design the corresponding air supply duct according to the actual installation environment and the number of air outlets. Longer pipes usually employ diameter variations.

12. In general, the designed piping should be as short as possible and branches should be minimized to achieve minimum wind resistance and noise.

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