[Traditional air conditioners are not fragrant! New wind air conditioning is popular: sales skyrocket]
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From the traditional air conditioning to the new air conditioning, the air-conditioning market is also in quality, and the more far from the road to the healthy product.

According to Sino Likek data, the first quarter of 2021, the retail of new wind air-conditioning increased by 252.1% year-on-year, and retail sales increased by 117.3% year-on-year. 618 Open the first day, the new wind air conditioner is more than 5 times more monthly sales. During the double 11, Oviyun network data showed that the new wind air conditioning line increased by 590% year-on-year.

In 2021, the air-conditioned market scraped "new wind", "new wind air conditioning" with healthy ventilation function quickly entered the market, and successfully set off the upgrade of product change in the air-conditioned market.

The major air-conditioners have launched a new wind air-conditioning product of their own brands. For a time, it is possible to purify indoor air, and improve the new wind air conditioning products of life, and gradually become the primary choice for household air conditioners.

Under the traditional air-conditioning market with poor sales, the rapid rise of new air conditioners is undoubtedly the key to the industry transformation.

There are also a lot of users in this new category that have just been promoted. Simply, the new wind air conditioner is a combination of traditional functions and new wind systems. Faced with the traditional air conditioner only with the basic function of heating and cooling, there is an indoor air worry, and the cleaning is difficult to clean.

Under the addition of the epidemic, the user warmed up the health and air conditioning demand, the emergence of new wind air conditioners is in place with market demand, solving the needs of health products.

Compared to traditional air conditioners, the advantages of new wind air conditioners are in the new wind function. At present, the new air air in the market achieves the flow of the whole house air to replace the flow of the whole house. In the indoor environment without window-closed, the new air conditioner can increase oxygen, fast ventilation without the need to open the window.

Second, it is the constant temperature function of the new air conditioner. Under the new wind to improve the indoor air environment, when the indoor temperature is higher or lower than the comfort of the body, the new air conditioning will intelligently open the heating or refrigeration, maintain a healthy and comfortable indoor air environment.

Its third is the self-cleaning function with new air conditioning. Through the low ice crystals formed by the heat exchanger below the temperature, melt and flush the dust impurities within the body, the machine continues to use the operating heating and complete the heat exchanger completely dry to achieve self-cleaning.

In addition, the new air conditioning has built-in smart sensitive sensing, which can automatically recognize the light intensity control screen dimming or sleep, and low noise operation has further enhanced air conditioning experience.

It can be seen that new wind air conditioners add new wind, self-cleaning and intelligent control, and solve the indoor air underline, improved indoor air, and provide users with healthy air to create a healthy air for users. Healthy quality life.

Progress in technology makes our life more beautiful. Specifically, we believe that we have a feeling of wealth, and now the home appliances are not only able to meet our daily basis needs.

They are more like a smart good helper that has been given aesthetic and life demand. Looking back in recent years and gradually becoming a mainstream smart home appliance, all bringing our lives to bring a better and convenient experience.

According to the China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, in 2021, my country's home appliance market recovered, retail scale reached 881 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 5.7%.

It is worth noting that high-end products, new home appliances have grown sharply. Under the background of the improvement of living standards and the upgrade of consumption, the consumption upgrade trend in the home appliance market has been very obvious in recent years.

At the moment, it is unpublished in the current development of the industry, there is no doubt, like the washing machine, dishwasher, new wind air conditioner, smart toilet, etc., bringing our lives to our lives, upgrade in consumption Under the big trend, these products will also become common home appliances.

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