[Tell you how to choose industrial air conditioners]
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In March, I feel that the word is hot and hot. The weather is in the winter to enter the summer, and the outside is not impossible to say chill. It is getting closer to the summer. Then the factory will Industrial air conditioning before entering the summer to ensure employees. There is a comfortable environment in the work, how should the installed industrial air conditioner choose? Let's let Jincheng companies explain to everyone.

First,Industrial air conditioning, our quality must be guaranteed.

1, look at the appearance. The more the appearance is more smooth, the beautiful product shape, the higher the mold precision it uses.

2. Look at the process. When purchasing a product, you can see if the binding is connected tightly, the screws, buttons, buttons, etc. are delicate, whether the installation is tight, whether the contact is good.

3, look at the parts. The whole machine is made in combination with each component, and the advantages and disadvantages of components are directly related to the life and effect of the equipment. Therefore, it is the most important part of the entire selection process. The main components of the evaporative refrigeration air conditioner are: main control box, sewage valve, pump motor, fan, and wet curtain paper, etc. The main control box is equipped with a control circuit board, which is the control system of the entire air conditioning, ensuring that the indicators of the normal operation of air conditioners are adjusted here. Therefore, whether the circuit board is designed is reasonable, and the quality of the use of components will affect the effect it operate. However, it is difficult for general consumers to accurately identify this. At the time of the selection, you can ask the brand of the sales personnel and the like. Be

Finally, everyone needs to purchase iIndustrial air conditioning friends can come and see Jin Cheng, we are very happy to cooperate with you. If there is an air conditioning, you can pay attention to us.

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