[Is your air conditioning maintained in winter?]
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Although the year has been over, enter the end of February, the temperature is still not warming, everyone still likes to stay in the air-conditioned room, then have you maintenance and maintenance of air conditioners? Today, the industrial air conditioner - Jiangsu Jincheng Air Conditioning Engineering Co., Ltd. tells you the maintenance and maintenance of winter air conditioning.

The first is the indoor unit, for a long time, if there is no indoor machine shield, there must be a lot of dust on the surface of the indoor unit. When we use the season, we must first use the wet cloth to wipe a few times, wipe the dust of the surface, avoid the air conditioner after opening, due to the vibration, caused dust.

Then, the air conditioner filter is cleaned, not all the mesh can be cleaned with water, and some need to wipe it off, and the sun is exposed, and some need to be replaced at a certain period of time.

After unplugging the air-conditioned power supply, use a professional air conditioner cleaning agent to repeated spray heat sink 2-3 times, it is recommended to spray up and down, so that the cleaning agent covers more densely. In the spray process, it is necessary to pay attention to the sprinkle not too far from the heat, so as not to splash into the wall to cause additional cleaning burden.

It is also important to pay attention to not forgetting the part of the spray bracket and the above. After a uniform spray heat sheet, you need to wait for about 5 minutes to allow the cleaning agent to fully dissolve dust on the heat sink and kill the bacteria attached. Then, connect the air-conditioned power supply, install the filter and cover the air conditioner, open the window, air conditioner operation is about 20-30 minutes to remove dust bacteria on the heat sink. Clean clean.

Finally, it is the easiest to ignore outdoor machines. Many users have little attention to the life of the outdoor machine in the service life of the air conditioner, and many people think that the outdoor machine does not need attention, in fact. It is necessary to observe that there is no abnormalities in the outdoor machine at least before it is turned on at least for a long time. Such as leaves, small animals. If you can clean it yourself, you can only request a professional homeman or maintenance personnel to handle it.

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